About Emma


About me

Hi there, I’m Emma While.  I’m a motherhood empowerment coach, international family sleep and wellbeing coach, NLP Practitioner, Early Years & Primary School teacher, positive psychology geek and lover of squirrels.

And I’m owner and founder of Courage & Chamomile and I’m so pleased to welcome you here.

Over 4 years years ago I became a mummy for the first time, to this gorgeous little thing.  And I LOVE it so, so much, but boy is it hard.

SO hard isn’t it!?  Nobody ever really prepares you for quite how much at times and that’s really why I created Courage & Chamomile, to help other mamas navigate the crazy shitstorm of motherhood.  To dance through it with more ease and grace rather than sink into the (sometimes seemingly relentless) struggle.

Two things that really surprised me from the minute I was pregnant were:
– how much advice everybody suddenly seems to have for you (even when you don’t want it and certainly haven’t asked for it)
– and how much I had to fight for my own voice and instincts to be heard and followed with all that noise going on.

I really am so passionate about helping other mamas learn to listen to their bodies, trust their instincts, read their little one’s cues and follow their hearts when it comes to parenting.

Over time my main area of focus became sleep…and then beyond that, to that crucial part of motherhood that the sleep struggles often rob us of…our JOY.

SO many of the mamas I work with say they’ve lost their joy, and ALL they want, is to experience more joy in motherhood.

And so the main focus of my work now is empowering mamas to rediscover their joy.  To consciously curate their own motherhood experience.  To step up and out of martyrdom and victimhood and into the life and the motherhood they know is theirs for the taking,  if only they could just get to it.

No matter the struggle, be it with sleep, behaviour, broader parenting issues or motherhood identity…empowerment, conscious choice and JOY are always the end goal and really I can’t wait to help you with yours.