About Emma


About me

Hi there, I’m Emma & I’m the owner & founder of Courage & Chamomile.

I have always been a good girl, a perfectionist & a people pleaser. Done whatever people wanted me to, said all the right things, learned hard, got straight As…whilst silently seething inside and never quite understanding why, when I was doing and saying all the right things to fit in, I never actually felt like I fitted in.


After finishing university (Cambridge, obviously), I found myself in a job in media.  I was fascinated by what made people tick and it seemed to fit nicely.  And for a while it did.  I made my way up the ranks to Director level… and then it all started to feel a little meaningless.  I grew bored of the drinking culture and the noise and the nonsense and decided I needed to find something rather less soul destroying.


Via a few other bits and pieces & some deep soul searching, I eventually found my vocation as a teacher..and as an early years & primary school teacher specifically.


Which I loved.  Finally a place to put my creativity and passion for helping people grow.  It was teaching little people that helped form the very strong opinions I have about how we should treat and respect them as just that…people…and about how we as parents & teachers have such a crucial role to play in laying the right foundations to help them bloom in whichever amazing directions they feel called…without the need to correct, direct or lead.


And then I had my baby and found I couldn’t give enough of myself to both teaching AND parenting in the way I wanted, and parenting won.


And what struck me about pregnancy & motherhood, was that so many people had an opinion on how I should be doing it.  That I had to fight so hard to be heard.  That there was so much judgement around my choices.  That people wanted to put me and my son into neat little boxes that weren’t the right shape for us, and that doing it my way, and not the way everyone else does it, was quite an isolating and lonely experience.  


And that hanging on to any sense of myself through all of that, was incredibly hard.


And gradually, bit by bit, I started to realise where I had been squashing bits of myself.  Where I wasn’t being honest.  What I wasn’t saying.  Where I had needs that weren’t being met.   Which of my cups weren’t being filled.


And I realised it wasn’t just me.  I noticed it happening to other mothers all around me.  


And so I made it my mission to stand up for, be the voice for, empower, teach & coach other misfit mothers struggling to do it THEIR way in a sea of unsolicited and outdated advice.  


To inspire other mothers to raise their hand, their voices, to ask questions, to learn to trust their instincts, listen to their bodies, and read their own little people instead of all the books.  


To break out of the shoulds and the rules and the people pleasing and the good girl boxes and to forge their own path. 


To wade out of the martyrdom and into the true magic & joy of motherhood.  


To take ownership of their lives & consciously curate their motherhood experience by design, rather than let it happen at them by default or by accident.  


To become the best version of themselves not just as a mother, but as a fully expressed, fully alive woman both within and beyond motherhood.  


And in so doing to set the example for our own children, the future of this planet.  To pave the way for them to live the unbound, full, wild & magical life THEY want, and not the one everyone else tells to.


And I do that with huge amounts of passion both 1:1 & in group settings, through a potent mixture of NLP & coaching, positive psychology & conscious parenting teaching, mindset & value work and a hefty dose of stardust & magical woo woo.