About Emma


About me

Hi there, I’m Emma and I’m owner and founder of Courage & Chamomile. 

Nearly 3 years years ago I became a mummy for the first time, to this gorgeous little thing.  Which I LOVE so so much, but boy is it hard.

SO hard isn’t it!?  Nobody ever really prepares you for quite how much at times and that’s really why I created Courage & Chamomile, to help other mamas navigate the crazy shitstorm (!) of motherhood.

Two things that really surprised me from the minute I was pregnant was:
– how much advice everybody suddenly seems to have for you (even when you don’t want it and certainly haven’t asked for it!)
– and how much I had to fight for my own voice and instincts to be heard and followed with all that noise going on.

I really am so passionate about helping other mamas learn to listen to their bodies, trust their instincts, read their little one’s cues and follow their hearts when it comes to parenting.

Over time my main area of focus has become sleep. 

It is SUCH a big but contentious topic out there.  But my view is quite simple and based on my own experience and parenting values…

My little one is super high needs and has always struggled with sleep but I was adamant I didn’t want to ‘do’ any kind of sleep training.  I wanted to meet his needs and show up for him as best I could day AND night, and I was certainly never going to leave him to cry. 

Because, for me, babies are people too…with their own little hearts, minds and bodies that deserve as much love and respect as anyone elses. And everything that goes on in those little hearts, minds and bodies has an impact on sleep.

And I also believe that parents deserve respect, deserve to have all the facts at their fingertips so they can make INFORMED decisions about how they care for their little ones rather than just do whatever society expects of us.

So, now I’m an Infant Sleep Educator and I help other mamas meet their own little one’s sleep needs whilst still meeting their OWN needs in the process.  

I teach parents about the realities of infant sleep to help bridge that gaping void between expectations and the often very different reality and I help them formulate plans to get the rest their whole family needs going forward.  

I’m also an Early Years teacher, an NLP & mindfulness coach, a positive psychology geek and a babywearing consultant and I bring ALL of this knowledge and experience with me into my work with mamas.

I can’t wait to get to know you better and to help you get more rest and find more joy in motherhood too.

You can find a bit more about me here