Apparently I am NOT Superwoman

Apparently I am not Superwoman.


This fact may be patently obvious to everybody else but seems to always come as a huge surprise and total disappointment to me.

Take today for example.  Today I finally asked my mum to have mouse for the day so I could ‘get on with stuff’.   Aaaah, hello the killer ‘stuff’ word.

I had visions of how today would go, what I would achieve in those lovely long, empty 6 hours I had without him. SIX WHOLE HOURS! Surely I can get all the ‘stuff’ done in that time?


Well, nope


Here’s what I had planned. And by planned I mean here’s what was loosely swilling around in my head as needing doing for several weeks up until today because of course I hadn’t done anything as useful or sensible as actually write a list or plan out my time:

  • Tidy the house (have you seen my house? I said 6 HOURS not weeks)
  • Hoover
  • Empty the laundry basket (see above caveat)
  • Sleep (can’t I just do that for the whole 6 hours!?)
  • Get ahead with writing content because the rest of the week is looking busy as hell
  • Tinker with my website
  • By some nice new stationery and a huge blank pad to brainstorm and scribble ideas all over
  • Go for a swim/walk/Jacuzzi/yoga/move in some way
  • Make several phone calls I need to make but keep not making
  • Cook something wonderfully nutritious for dinner
  • Wash my hair
  • Have my nails done
  • Achieve world peace


Guess what? Prepare for the huge shocker…I haven’t managed all of this.  So how have I spent my ‘day off’ feeling? Relaxed? In control? Calm? Accomplished?


Nope again. Rushed, stressed, panicked and irritated would be closer to it.


So about an hour ago I gave myself a time out, sat quietly with a cup of chamomile and lavender tea, a bit of chocolate and a candle and decided to re-shape what remained of my day and reframe what had been of it so far.  The fog lifted.

I may not have achieved the impossibly large list above, but here’s what I have achieved today.

  • I have done some writing. Not as much as I wanted, but I wanted too much
  • I have eaten healthily and calmly rather than grab and stuff in whatever. I’ll worry about dinner later. Better yet I’ll delegate that to my husband.
  • I have had a nap (I thought 1 hour would suffice)
  • I have expressed more milk so I can pack mouse off again another day
  • I have set a timer on this last bit of my work to give myself enough time to move my body and reframe my brain before mouse gets home
  • I have forgiven myself for not being superwoman and promised myself to not have such stupidly high expectations in future
  • I have made peace with all of the above
  • And I have made a mental note to make sure my to do list next time looks more like this:


  • Work well


  • Eat well


  • Move well



Ding ding time’s up, my yoga mat is calling.





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