How to be a ‘better’, kinder mum (plus free gift)

Do you meditate? I do.

And not only is it Mental Health Awareness week, but it’s World Meditation Day this Thursday 21st May so I wanted to tell you a little bit about why I bother…

and offer you a special gift…so read on, or click here for the gift if you can’t wait!

So meditation…I know some people find it a bit odd, a bit threatening, a bit woo woo.

But for me? It’s an essential part of being a mother without losing my shit all. the. Time.  It’s possibly my number one tool in the quest to retain mental wellness over mental wobble.

There’s nothing fancy or hard about it…it’s basically just sitting still and breathing.

Aaaand therein lies the challenge for most of us mums.

Never having (read finding) the time to sit. To be. Not daring to sit still because of #allthethings we *should* be doing instead. Barely even remembering to take a breath between this thing and the next thing.

These are the very reasons we lose our shit, feel resentful, overwhelmed, undervalued and stuck for more of the time than we’d like to admit. And these are the very things that mindfulness and meditation can help us with, if we let them.

I meditate because:

  • It makes me a better, kinder mum (woman, wife, person). No question
  • It gets me out of my head, stops me from chasing all those swirling thoughts into the pits of doom they usually lead to and instead keeps me grounded in reality
  • It helps me quieten my mind gremlins so I can actually be present with my little one, play with him properly instead of worrying about all the things
  • It gives me more mental and emotional flexibility and resilience…something we need a lot of as mums and especially right now, yes?
  • It creates ‘space’ for me, when it can feel like that’s something I don’t have much of otherwise
  • It helps me transition more smoothly and easily between mummy mode, working mode, wife mode…ALL those modes and masks and roles we take on
  • It helps me set my intention for the day…do I want to be an out of control, crazed woman being buffeted by life all day, or a calm, purposeful one living more consciously?
  • It allows me to have more compassion and empathy for my son and husband
  • It keeps me calm so I can be there & have the resources I need for them when they need me
  • It keeps my pressure levels low so I don’t just blow my top so easily
  • It keeps me focused on the positives, on gratitude, on happiness and joy (way better than the alternative!)
  • It slows me down, gives me more perspective (everything is not an emergency) and allows me to make more measured decisions more easily
  • It gives me inner strength and boy do I know we need as much of that as we can get
  • It’s mine. For me. By myself. And it teaches me that I’m worth it, that I deserve it, that I’m allowed it and that I can keep promises to myself

And that, my friends, is so key.

And you know, it doesn’t have to be fancy. You need no special equipment. You don’t even need huge amounts of time.

A quick body scan in the shower, a few mindful, meaningful breaths while washing up, noticing the warmth of the cup in your hand as you sip a cup of tea, inhaling the scent of your baby as you breastfeed…it’s ALL mindfulness and it all does wonders for our maternal mental health.

So, if you fancy a try and you’d like a few short, easy guided audios to follow you can find some in the Quick Calm series in my IGTV channel here.

But my invitation, challenge if you like, to you today, is to make a promise to yourself to find and set aside 10 minutes to listen to this guided audio I have recorded just for you, especially for these weird and wonky times we’re living in right now.

Right now, in the midst of a global pandemic and in various states of lockdown, we’re all feeling unsettled, wibbly, and like we’ve been set adrift. There’s a lot of uncertainty, our safety is threatened and it’s uncomfortable. As mums we’re being asked to juggle working from home, homeschooling and having more of the family around more of the time than usual…both a blessing and a curse. It’s super hard to remain compassionate and kind to other people or ourselves with all that going on. Whichever way you look at it, it’s all different, it’s even messier than before, we’re out of routine and both we and our little ones are feeling it.

And when they’re feeling it, they look to US to be their port in the storm. Their calm in the chaos…are you able to be that right now?

Yes? Amazing…use this meditation to help you stay there.

No? You’re not alone and the meditation is here for you whenever you need it…no time like the present mama.

You’ve got this x

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