What is happiness anyway?

A long, long time ago I used to write a blog called Chatting Happy…it still exists if you fancy a read.  I wrote about my personal journey towards happiness.  It was a kind of journey into the self, discovering what makes me tick.  I enjoyed writing it but I found […]

I Forgot the most Important Lesson!

When I was a trainee early years teacher I remember one of the very first times I was observed teaching a lesson. I had decided to take the lesson outside and I had everything set up ready.  I was particularly proud of all the effort and thought I’d put into […]

Filling the Love Bucket for Better Bedtimes

As my impending return to work looms ever nearer and my baby’s separation anxiety continues to ramp up I’m more and more conscious of the time we spend apart and more to the point, the time we spend together.   It’s a cruel, cruel thing that my spending far more […]