Redressing The Balance Workshop

In this online masterclass I’m going to teach you how I and my 1:1 mummies find the time and the space to parent in the calm, connected, collected way we actually want to parent…


…whilst also finding:

  • time for ourselves
  • more joy in motherhood
  • more headspace
  • more meaning from our day to day

AND with far less:

  • snapping
  • ranting
  • stressing
  • chaos
  • overwhelm
  • self doubt
  • frustration
  • resentment
  • rushing

So if you’ve been feeling:

  • more THAT mummy recently
  • like you don’t know if you’re coming or going
  • pulled in a million directions
  • like you’re on a never ending hamster wheel
  • or trudging through treacle
  • that you can’t think straight or get quiet enough in your head to make a decent decision
  • that time just seems to run away with you…
  • and you never seem to accomplish anything…
  • let alone get any time for yourself…
  • once you’ve finished tending to everyone else…
  • and quite frankly you’ve had enough now thank you…


…Then this is for you.


During this hour long workshop you will:


  • Get clear on all the million different things threatening to pull you off balance (if they haven’t already)
  • And identify where your actual priorities are (or where you’d like them to be)
  • So you can see clearly which areas of your life to focus on for more harmony NOW & in the future
  • Pinpoint where your scales are tipping towards now AND where you’d like them to tip back over to
  • Create your own personalised blueprint for a more harmonious, balanced motherhood
  • and define what that would look and feel like for you
  • Understand your triggers and the things, people, events & emotions that knock you off course
  • Recognise when you’re about to slip into overwhelm & chaos BEFORE you actually get there
  • And learn crucial tools & strategies to pull yourself back into balance again


So you can glide through your days with so much more clarity, be more present, compassionate & mindful with your littles, and feel so much more connected to both your family AND yourself.

(and not spend 2 hours looking for the glasses that were on your face or discover you’ve put your phone in the fridge again)


This is a self study workshop and the recording will be sent to you via email.

As a special thank you for taking part in The Juicy Joyful Jumpstart you can purchase it now for £22 (usual price £47).


About your host:


Hi I’m Emma.  I’m mummy to one crazy little wildling, early years & adult learning specialist, NLP practitioner, wild swimmer, positive psychology geek and transformation & empowerment coach for mums ready for MORE.

My super power is helping mums like you overcome the overwhelm, RISE above the struggle and become the whole, fully expressed, ALIVE woman I know you’re here to become, so you can build the full, fulfilling, vibrant life that you and your family desire and DESERVE!