RISE Founder Member

YAY! So excited you’ve chosen to become a Founding member of the RISE community.

RISE is a brand new monthly coaching community for mums who want more…

More time, more connection, more presence, more consistency, more direction and crucially, more balance.

Who want to feel more spacious, more grounded, more relaxed…more JOY.

And definitely less…

Juggle, overwhelm, chaos, being pulled all over the shop.

It’s for mums who are ready to wade out from under the mound of motherly obligations, emerge from the fog of life’s endless to dos and take back the reins of their life to make it work FOR them & their families, not AT them.

It’s for mums who want to rise above all that to make space for more LIFE on their own terms.

We will use the moon as our guide, setting intentions at the new moon, taking deliberate conscious action as the moon waxes, pausing to celebrate & take stock at the full moon, and letting go all that no longer serves us or is holding us back as the moon wanes again.

We will use the houses of the zodiac as our inspiration for what we focus on each month so that by the end of the year we will have addressed each and every part of our life, bit by bit.

We will have balanced:

Our SELF with everyone else

Doing with being

thinking with feeling

listening with having space to be heard

mind and body

heart and soul

ideas, schemes, intentions & plans…with actually doing.

blah blah blah…with having some FUN!


All while honouring our own feminine cycles, our own ebb & flow, our own waxing & waning.


There will be facebook lives from me to explain the month’s astrology

Weekly posts to interact with to keep you accountable

Monthly group coaching calls to keep you moving forward


Your lifetime subscription price is £44 a month OR £399 a year (rather than £66/month or £666 a year).

NB: by signing up you agree you have read and understood my terms and conditions which you can find here.


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