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Below is an outline of my live group coaching programmes with regular start dates and my self-paced courses which you can undertake whenever you’re ready.

I also offer 1:1 coaching and would love to have a chemistry call with you to talk through your situation and find the best approach. Send me an email and we’ll get some time booked in.

1:1 Coaching:

Have you lost your mama mojo?

Together we will navigate the wonderful whirlwind of life as an exhausted mama so you can lead the happy, fulfilling life you know is yours for the taking, if only you could get to it.

All the balls and thoughts you’re juggling (mostly about everyone else!), we’ll put them down for a minute and just focus on you, on where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. Then we’ll pick them back up, mindfully, one by one, together. Find out more here…

Online Group Coaching:


Are you ready to break out of your cage, to UNLEASH your magic and BECOME your fully expressed & whole self?…

To say YES to BECOMING your full potential?

Join me for an intimate 9 month exploration for just 9 mothers, into all that you are so you can BECOME even more than ‘just’ a mother. Find out how you can BECOME


In this 6 week live group coaching program we’re going to go deep.  We’re going to get real.  Honest. We’re going to get to the very essence of who you really are and what you really want.  Why you want it and HOW you’re going to get it.  We’re going to uncover and discard all the bullshit that’s been keeping you stuck, small & hidden for far too long so you can #motherthefuckup, grab that life of yours by the balls and start living it to the max.  

See how you can find your JOY here.


Motherhood was never meant to feel this hard, was it?

You’re tired. So, so tired. Your house is a mess, you never seem to have any time with your partner, let alone time for yourself. You know you’re not taking care of yourself properly, or being the mother you dreamed of being. I designed this workshop for YOU. Because I was you and I know how it feels and I really don’t want you to feel like that anymore.

Find out how I can help you here…


Live Masterclasses:




Self-Paced Programmes:

Unravel your little one’s sleep, for good!

A self-paced version of the 10 week Mindful Sleep course where I will provide you with 10 units of inspiration and mindset tools such as mindfulness, journaling, affirmations, gratitude, play and more for you to work through at own pace!

PLUS…. a VIP option to include a 2 hour 1:1 with me

Find out more here.

Membership Groups:

The Mothership is a safe, supportive online space for burnt out mamas ready and willing to relinquish their martyr mindset and unleash their inner maverick, to meet like minded mothers AND find inspirational advice to help them parent THEIR way, to help them parent against the current.

This is mentoring, coaching, guidance, support, solidarity, advice & celebration for all that you are, all that you feel and all that you dream of in your motherhood journey.

Board The Mothership here…