Permission to Board The Mothership

Imagine a place where you no longer had to justify every one of your parenting choices. 

A place where you felt totally heard and understood as a mother…AND as a woman.

A place where gentle, attachment parenting was the norm and you could live without the constant bombardment of unsolicited advice that in no way aligns with YOUR values. 

A place where you no longer needed to advocate fiercely for your little one, for yourself, because everybody in that place already believes in you, respects you AND your little one as people in their own right.

Imagine a place where you could connect with, learn from and feel held by other likeminded mothers. 

A place where you could ask any question and trust the answer to be right for you. 


Imagine a place where you could become the mother you always wanted to be, the mother you know you already are deep down. 

A mother who has the courage to trust her own instincts even when everybody else is shoulding all over her. A mother who has the confidence to say no when she needs to. 

A mother who truly believes that SHE is the best expert on her child.


And a mother who has the balls to stand up and say…I’m here too, I have needs too.


Imagine a place where YOU  are seen too.

Where your needs, wishes, desires and dreams, both for yourself and as a mother, are valued and have space and time to grow and become reality.


A place where you could feel like you again.  And be loved and celebrated for it.


Imagine that place.

Sound good?


Well then you, my friend, have permission to board The Mothership 


The Mothership is a safe, supportive online space for burnt out mamas ready and willing to relinquish their martyr mindset, to meet like minded mothers AND find inspirational advice to help them parent THEIR way, to help them parent against the current.  


So what do we talk about?



…or lack of it

what biologically healthy, normal infant sleep looks like

how to navigate sleep deprivation

how NOT to let your sleep struggles take over your entire life

how to support your little one to get more sleep

no blanket advice, no nonsense, no one size fits all



Little people…

…how they work, how they think, how to grow them lovingly, securely, respectfully.




childcare & school

supporting emotion

supporting YOU while you do that



…because it’s bloody hard doing it alone, we were never supposed to do it alone.

mama guilt & overwhelm

balancing ‘me’ with ‘mummy’

instincts & intuition

self care, happiness, self-sabotage, balance

mindset, mindfulness and a whole lotta love


Parenting & Partnering…

…because we don’t always see eye to eye on these things or even find the time to try


boundaries & limits



confidence & collaboration

partnership, relationship


But we don’t just talk, we embark on a journey. A journey towards more sleep, without sleep training; deeper attachment, without martyrdom; and more joy without guilt.


And what’s included?

  • Weekly Mindset inspiration from me
  • Monthly Q&A with Relationship expert
  • Quarterly masterclass with gentle parenting & behaviour specialist
  • All your questions and concerns answered
  • Community & sisterhood with women who get it
  • Discounted 1:1 access with me
  • Monthly masterclasses

And so much more!

This is mentoring, coaching, guidance, support, solidarity, advice & celebration for all that you are, all that you feel and all that you dream of in your motherhood journey.

The first two weeks are free after which it’s £29 / month or save £100 on annual membership at £248. Choose your option below and hit subscribe!

NB: by signing up you agree you have read and understood my terms and conditions which you can find here.

Meet your host

Emma is owner & founder of Courage & Chamomile where she helps mums like you navigate the crazy shitstorm of motherhood to find more joy. She’s an international family sleep and wellbeing specialist, mama mentor, NLP coach, early years teacher, positive psychology geek, mummy, daughter, wife, sister, friend and lover of squirrels. She is passionate about empowering mothers to not just believe in themselves as a mother, but to rise up and become MORE than a mother. This is YOUR experience, YOU get to design it. Consciously curate your motherhood experience, mamas.