The Mindful Approach to Healthy, Happy Sleep

Hey there, thanks for your interest in the Courage & Chamomile members only coaching and mentoring group!

The Mindful Approach to Healthy, Happy Sleep Payment Options

I am SO excited that you are here and one step closed to getting the help, support (and sleep!) you and your family need right now.

This group is run by me, Emma While- Infant Sleep Educator, Early Years Teacher, NLP & Mindfulness Coach and former sleep-deprived mum!

It is THE place to be for tailored sleep support and advice for your specific family and situation…I’m not talking generic advice you can find on Google or in all those books that don’t work…

  • I’m talking about me and you working together to solve your specific struggles and come up with a plan together to help you move forward.
  • I’m talking about me sharing all my sleep knowledge and expertise with you.
  • I’m talking ongoing support and reassurance for every sleep question, niggle, wibble, regression or leap!
  • I’m talking solidarity and sisterhood within the group.
  • I’m talking monthly topics & webinars for us to really dive deeper into the sleep science, each of the 5 pillars of healthy, happy SLEEP and all those mama mindset tools.

And I’m talking amazing value with…

    • First 2 weeks free.
    • 2 months FREE with the annual payment option.
    • Cancel at any time.
    • Access to discounted 1:1 calls with me should you need them.


Here’s what we’ve got lined up for the rest of this year…

March: Let’s Get Physical

How everything from light and temperature to teething affects sleep.

April: Tuning in

How to hear, hone and honour your instincts.

May: Heart First

Heart-centred decision making, letting your values be your guide.

June:  Fuelling from within

Sleep, mood and the nutrition link.

July: What’s normal anyway!?

Busting a few sleep myths!

August: Delving Deeper

What’s really going on with sleep and how we think about and approach it.

September: Back to School!

How learning and development affect sleep.

October: Goal!

What is it that you REALLY want!?

November: It takes a village…

Learning to lean on others and the importance of letting go.

December: It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Avoiding burnout and sensory overload at Christmas.


I can’t wait to see YOU there and to start you and your family on the road to healthy, happy sleep 🙂

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The Mindful Approach to Healthy, Happy Sleep Payment Options