The Slippery Slope to Sleep Slavery

We’ve all been there.

Wobbling dangerously right on the edge of the slippery slope to sleep slavery. The question is, will you succumb and slide right on down? Or not.

Because while it may not seem like it, it is a choice. We have a choice here.

And it goes like this:

Have a terrible night. Wake up in a foul mood and immediately start up with the internal chatter about how tired you are, what another awful night you’ve had, how you’ve just had it now. Desperately look forward to nap despite it only being 6am.

Feel too tired and fed up to get dressed properly, ignore the pile of washing whilst silently berating yourself for ignoring the pile of washing. Again.

Text your friend and cancel (your virtual) coffee. You’ll be shit company and anyway you need to protect nap and not go anywhere or do anything that might vaguely jeopardise it.

Snap at your partner. Can’t remember why.

Drink 14 pints of coffee…mostly cold and eat 400 chocolate biscuits. Silently berate yourself for eating 400 biscuits and eat another 3 to feel better.

Feel worse.

Halfheartedly wave a toy in you child’s face and congratulate yourself for being so playful.

Scroll mindlessly through facebook getting more and more depressed by all the sleeping babies and families having fun while you sit on the sofa in your pants.

Google ‘can I die of tiredness’ for the 850 millionth time.

Google nap times for your babies age.

Find 15 different answers.

Confused. Fed up. Overwhelmed.

Start panicking about when to do nap. Now? Or now? Is he tired now? Or just bored? Hungry? What about now? He scratched his ear what does that mean? Back to Google.

Decide it’s now for nap. Please let it be now.

Go upstairs.

Spend an hour frantically rocking, nursing, singing, patting, whistling, dancing and generally being trapped in a dark room with a very awake child. And very high blood pressure.


But if he won’t nap now, when should I try again? What happens if he won’t nap at all? The day will be ruined…when will I sleep…what about all the things I was going to do while he was asleep…what about the next nap…what will happen to bedtime…will he ever be able to sleep…what’s wrong with him…what’s wrong with me…why won’t he just go to sleep…maybe it needs to be darker in here…lighter? More white noise…or less? Maybe I shouldn’t be rocking, or nursing, or singing? The whole day is a disaster…the week is a disaster…I’m a disaster.

Panic now doesn’t even cover it. Realise have gone insane. Totally.


Wish you’d met friend after all. Now too late having spent all day nap fighting.

Scroll mindlessly through facebook looking at pictures of friends  having coffee & doing jolly crafts with their well rested children.

Spend rest of day dreading bedtime and moaning to anyone who will listen.

Stay up late watching mindless pap on the TV in an attempt to have a life outside fighting sleep. Drink obligatory medicinal wine. With some chocolate.

Little one wakes up before program finishes. Mutter FFS, wonder why little one hates you and why life is so crap.

Give up and go to bed…not that you’ll get any sleep anyway.

Already dreading how tired you’ll be tomorrow.


Have a dreadful night.

Cuddle your little one and tell them you love them, and you’re sorry they’re having a hard time sleeping right now. Scroll through the roladex of sleep info in your mind and realise they’re teething and in a leap. Plus its a full moon tomorrow…this too shall pass.

Mentally check in with yourself, what do you need to survive the day? Have a shower, drink enough water, eat nutrient dense food. Do some yoga…with little one…have a laugh together at the silly positions you can get into.

Text your friend and arrange to have a walking date (ok, not during lock down but you get the gist) instead of a coffee date so little one can nap on the move while you chat and get some steps, fresh air and daylight in.

Tell partner you’ll be going to bed when little one does tonight to catch up after last night.

Take a magnesium salt bath.

End your day with some gratitude to keep a positive frame of mind for the night ahead.

Snuggle down to sleep knowing tomorrow is another day.

Which path did you walk today?

Which path would you rather walk on?

Which path will you choose tomorrow knowing it’s totally your choice?

Perspective and outlook is everything.

We ALL have days like the first one… SOME days, not every day.

So what steps have you, or will you, put in place to keep you on the straight and narrow instead of sliding down that slippery slope day after day?

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