The worst day EVER

The worst day EVER

That’s how my husband described his Sunday. The worst day ever.

Everything had gone wrong, timings had got all over the shop, things on his to do list hadn’t been crossed off, I got the directions wrong on the way home from a trip out which led to the most stressful journey ever complete with rush hour traffic and screaming baby.

It was the worst day ever. 

Compare it to the day we enjoyed a rare lie in together because my mum had mouse for the night. We got up late and went for a walk together, we had a nice relaxed breakfast out together and then we went to pick up little mouse. We had some lovely cuddles with him and then went out for the day together as a family. It was a beautiful, sunny day and we visited a local gardens to see their stunning snowdrop carpeted woodlands. It was beautiful.

It was one of the best days ever. 

Except it was the same day. Both of these accounts were of the same day.

And there you have it right there. The power of the mind. The importance of perspective. The way a slight shift in angle and focus can change a potentially amazing day into the worst day ever.

Granted there were some seriously shit bits. But they do not erase the magic that came before unless you let them.

In CBT it’s called catastrophising.  It’s also called being human. It’s our brains fault, it looks for the crap stuff on purpose, it helped keep us alive way back when. But all it does now is perpetuate a bad mood.

When daddy mouse was calmed down and safe to approach I asked him, “tell me three things you loved about today”. He told me. “Tell me three more”. He couldn’t stop at three. Without much effort at all he could wax lyrical for ages about how much he’d enjoyed the day.

“Was it the worse day ever?”

“No. it was lovely. But I didn’t like that journey.”

Nailed it. It was a lovely day finished off with a dreadful journey who’s negative effect momentarily leaked all over everything else in his brain.

Perspective regained. Focus shifted. Mood lifted. Lesson learned – never go that route again.

Next time you find yourself saying “this is the WORST. DAY. EVER!!” Stop and think. Is it? Is it really? Or have a few crappy moments wiped out everything else. What can you do to shift your perspective? Can you think of 3 things that have gone well for you today?

Don’t let a few shitty minutes spoil an otherwise ok day. 

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