Grab Your FREE VacAy to Zzzz of Better Summer Sleep

Going away on holiday in the summer is literally the high point of my year, but is it just me or is travelling with little people not quite the relaxing experience that solo summer travel once was!?

Having little ones who struggle with sleep can be trying at the best of times…but on holiday?  When all we want to do is relax, kick back and chill out…hey, maybe even enjoy some adult conversation and some even more adult refreshment of an evening…but instead we’re locked in a some kind of mammoth bedtime battle with little ones who have very different ideas.

Just as there are things we can do to help our little ones sleep the rest of the year, there are so many ways we can help them to sleep while away on vacation.  Simple, easy little things that will just make that transition so much smoother for them so you can ALL enjoy the summer and get some sleep!

With this guide you’ll learn my 3 step action plan to better summer sleep as well as a full A to Zzz of tips that cover topics like:

  • How to pick the best times to travel to avoid sleep disruption
  • What to pack to ease sleep transitions while away
  • How to deal with unwanted advice and peer pressure!
  • How to balance your days and nights so you can have all the fun, but while still getting all the sleep
  • And SO much more!

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