Why we do NOT need to teach our children anything (especially sleep!)   Recently updated!

Ok, so let me start by saying I’m a teacher.   Yup.  I am a teacher and I don’t believe we need to be TEACHing our children (and especially not our babies) anything.   We don’t need to teach them how to eat or walk or talk and we especially […]

I Forgot the most Important Lesson!   Recently updated!

When I was a trainee early years teacher I remember one of the very first times I was observed teaching a lesson. I had decided to take the lesson outside and I had everything set up ready.  I was particularly proud of all the effort and thought I’d put into […]

Filling the Love Bucket for Better Bedtimes   Recently updated!

As my impending return to work looms ever nearer and my baby’s separation anxiety continues to ramp up I’m more and more conscious of the time we spend apart and more to the point, the time we spend together.   It’s a cruel, cruel thing that my spending far more […]

One Day He Will Sleep Alone

It’s 11am.  The house is a mess, the dishes need doing.  You haven’t showered yet or got dressed.  But it’s naptime. Which should mean a chance to get things done right?  Like every other mum you know? But it doesn’t mean that. Because for you naptime means hard work.  It […]